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The Story Behind Super-Grip Strapless Suspenders

strapless suspendersI have always had a problem keeping my pants from slipping down. I would walk around all day pulling them back up. After sitting, walking or bending over, I found myself constantly pulling my pants up and tucking my shirt back in.

Now I found some strapless suspenders on the Internet and tried them only to find that they too slipped, and I was constantly repositioning my pants. These other strapless suspenders only gripped in 4 spots around the waist so they didn’t give me the support I needed to keep everything in place.


So I got to thinking (That hurt a bit), why can’t you have a strapless suspender that goes all the way around your waist that holds your shirt and pants in place. I spend some money finding the right materials that would do the job. I bought different thicknesses and widths and experimented with different fasteners.

After considerable experiments I finally came up with a great solution and my Super-Grip Strapless Suspenders were born. I had to get a specially formulated rubber compound that would grip with almost all types of materials. So cotton shirts work, silk shirts work, smooth shirts work, in fact I haven’t found a shirt material yet that doesn’t work.

Unlike other strapless suspenders that attach to your belt with plastic hooks (That break), or attach to your belt with additional belt loops that you can see, my strapless suspenders are totally invisible and they will last for years!

They hold my pants up, keep my shirt in place and keep me from sucking my gut in when I walk past the girls. I have even had people ask me if I was losing weight. They have even evolved into a new material that has ridges providing extra grip.

I can personally tell you that I use my own product every day and it works!

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